Research of metabolic P system field programmable gate array implementation

Darius Kulakovskis

Doctoral dissertation

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The advancement in the fields of electronics and nature inspired computing, including metabolic P (MP) systems, presents new possible solutions to existing problems, however there are still no implementations of MP systems in field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). Therefore, in this work the problem of lack of knowledge about the

quality of MP systems implementation in FPGA together with absence of implementation technique for multiple and effective MP systems is solved. The object of the research is specializedMP system implementations in FPGA that operate in real-time.

The main aspects of the research object investigated in the thesis are: implementation quality and techniques.

The aim of the thesis is to offer original FPGA based MP system solutions by creating and investigating real-time metabolic process electronic system used for imitation and testing. In order to solve the stated problem and reach the aim of the thesis the following objectives are formulated: using theoretical results of MP systems and other best practices, offer original solutions for MP system transformation to FPGA structural elements and signal processing schemes; reveal quality characteristics of the transformation based on throughput, complexity and power consumption; create real-time metabolic process imitation and testing electronic system and perform its evaluation experiments.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, four chapters and general conclusions.

The first chapter reveals the fundamental knowledge on nature inspired computing, MP system definition and application, and FPGA implementation quality estimation.

In the second chapter the quality criteria of calculation accuracy, throughput, resource usage, power consumption and interface complexity are selected for the evaluation of MP system FPGA implementation. New combined MP system quality metric ant its visualisation is also proposed. In the third chapter the common FPGA implementation techniques are adapted for MP systems and new unified technique is proposed. The evaluation of the developed MP system implementations in FPGA is presented in the fourth chapter. The experiments consist of a single MP system implementation using three different techniques and a multiple MP system implementation using two new developed unified implementation techniques.

The main results of the thesis were published in 5 scientific publications: three of them were printed in peer-reviewed scientific journals, one of them in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database, two articles – in conference proceedings. The research results were presented in 6 scientific conferences.

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