Modelling of mechanical structure of atomic force microscope sensor and research of its dynamic characteristics

Andrius Dzedzickis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines the problem related to the scanning speed of an atomic force microscope. The object of research is the dynamic processes of the mechanical sensor of the atomic force microscope (AFM). The main aim of this thesis is to perform research on the AFM creating theoretical and experimental models of surface scanning system, which allows to adjust the atomic force microscope sensor's dynamic characteristics without changing its design.

There are several tasks solved in the work: there is proposed method, which allows increasing the scanning speed of the atomic force microscope; created mathematical model of improved AFM sensors which allows theoretically evaluate the efficiency of the proposed method and to select the appropriate parameters for a control system. The efficiency of the proposed AFM speed increase method and the adequacy of the developed model are confirmed by experimental research.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusions, a list of references and a list of publications by the author on the topic of thedissertation.

The introductory chapter discusses the research problem and the relevance of the work, describes the object of the research, formulates the aim and tasks of the work, describes the research methodology, the scientific novelty of the work, the practical significance of the work results, and the defended statements. The published publications and presented reports on the topic of the dissertation as well as the structure of the dissertation are presented at the end of the introduction.

The first chapter is dedicated to the literature review. It contains an overview of atomic microscopes, their working modes and scientific researches performed in this field. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are formulated and the tasks of the dissertation are refined.

The second chapter presents the mathematical model of mechanical part of the atomic force microscope sensor. There are presented results of theoretical research using two different methods: aerodynamic force impact study using finite element method and the results of modeling of the modified AFM sensor using proposed methodology.

The third section is dedicated to experimental research of AFM sensor, which determines the efficiency of the offered scanning speed-enhancement method and the feasibility of the application.

Seven articles were published on the topic of the disertation: two in journals included in the Clarivate Analytics WoS database, one in conference materials included in the Clarivate Analytics WoS database, four in other international database journals. The results of the dissertation are presented at four international conferences.

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