Magnetomechanical study of open-bore two-rail electromagnetic launcher

Justinas Račkauskas

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates the electromagnetic launcher electromagnetic properties and their influence on mechanical construction. The main object of research is open bore two rail construction electromagnetic launcher. The dissertation aims to investigate the distribution of electromagnetic forces and their influence over the electromagnetic launcher construction volume.

The work presents five tasks such as the electromagnetic and mechanical model application of the numerical model. The first task is formulated to rewiev the literature. The next two tasks are formulated to calculate the distribution of electromagnetic forces throughout the electromagnetic launcher construction volume. The last two tasks investigate the effect of the forces distribution differences over the electromagnetic launcher construction.

The dissertation work consists of an introduction, four chapters, general conclusion, references, a list of publications by the author on the topic of the dissertation, a summary in Lithuanian and five annexes.

The introductory chapter discusses the research problem, relevance of the work, introduces the object of the research, formulates the aim and the tasks of the work, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty of the work, considers the practical significance of the work results and defensive statements. At the end of the introduction, the publications and reports published by the author of the dissertation and the structure of the dissertation are presented.

Chapter 1 is devoted to review the electromagnetic launcher analyses methods in literature. A brief overview of the adaptation and development history of electromagnetic launchers are provided. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are formulated, and the tasks of the dissertation are refined.

Chapter 2 presents the structure and parameters of the electromagnetic launcher. According to this type of launcher, the electromagnetic and mechanical models were developed. The mathematical model of each modeling and boundary conditions are described, and the conclusions are presented.

Chapter 3 and 4 provide the results of electromagnetic and mechanical modeling. The dependence between electromagnetic and mechanical problems are described. Conclusions are presented at the end of both sections.

4 articles have been published on the topic of the dissertation in the scientific journals included in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science list, one article is in conference materials in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science Proceedings database, and two is in peer-reviewed international conferencing materials. 4 presentations on the subject of the dissertation have been given in conferences at national and international levels.

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