Evaluation of scenarios for changes in the purpose of urban brownfields applying multi-attribute decision making methods

Vytautas Bielinskas

Doctoral dissertation

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The disseration presents the analysis and evaluation of demand for changes in land purpose in urban brownfields. The main object of thesis is a system of indicators describing the use of urban brownfields in a city. The carried-out analysis of research literature, expert evaluation and the application of technologies for geographic information systems as well as a scheme of descriptive criteria for brownfields have been proposed. The calculations made created suitable conditions for identifying the most significant criteria for each case of changes in brownfield purpose and selecting the most rational parts of the city for implementing the above-mentioned changes.

The aim of the disseration is to scientifically justify and propose a model for the assessment of urban abandoned land use change scenarios that can be used to select the most appropriate brownfield scenario. The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the list of references, the list of author‘s publications on the topic of the disseration, summary in English and 7 annexes. Introduction describesthe research problem and the relevance of the study, describes the subject of the research, defines the purpose and problems of the study and points out scientific novelty of the paper as well as the statements to be defended. Chapter 1 gives an overview of references, documents and other studies on this issue. The analysis of the normative documents issued in the Republic of Lithuania, the EU Member States and other countries is performed thus concentrating on the world regulating reuse of brownfields and the analysis of scientific studies. Chapter 2 deals with research on the sprawl of brownfields with reference to geostatistical analysis in terms of different aspects of cross-cutting analysis. The chapter defines quantitative and qualitative parameters for the sprawl of brownfields in different parts of the city and proposes a partition system for city neighbourhoods according to the importance and potential scenarios for brownfields. A readjustment strategy for brownfields and a concept of implementing it are proposed. The author suggests integrating different sets of scenarios for changes in land purpose and defines priority areas of implementing them. Chapter 3 provides a calculation model for scenarios concerning changes in land purpose of brownfields and explores appropriate parts of the city to implement them.

Seven scientific publications on the subject of the doctoral thesis have been published. Three of those are reported in the research journals reviewed by Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (Clarivate Analytics Web of Science). Two publications are presented at the reviewed international academic conferences and two publications are issued in the other proceedings of national and international conferences.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2019-001-M

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