Multiple criteria selection of design solutions for single-family houses

Birutė Juodagalvienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines the models of selection and evaluation of architectural and structural solutions for a single-family house (such as structural elements and sustainable materials, shapes of internal staircases and option of garage positioning), based on multiple criteria decision making techniques. The research of relevant literature has shown that sustainability is presently one of the key aspects to be taken into consideration in the design and during the construction of a single-family house. There is growing evidence of the need to develop a set of measures for the integration of sustainability criteria into the process of building design and construction, and there is also an increasing need for know-how as to how to enable synergies between sustainability and the process of building a single-family house. The purpose of this dissertation is to establish a link between two research areas, which would be relevant for the selection of architectural and structural solutions for a single-family house.

The dissertation consists of the following parts: an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the list of references and the list of author’s publications on the subject of this dissertation.

The introduction discusses the challenges and describes the research objects, establishes the purpose and objectives of the dissertation, explicates its scientific novelty and outlines the defended statements. The final part of the introduction lists the author’s publications and conference presentations on the subject of this dissertation.

The first chapter deals with the analysis of the solution for sustainable housing and examines the selection of comfort and spatial zones as well as the forms and materials of building elements used in the construction of a single-family house. In addition, the chapter provides an overview of the usability of MCDM (Multiple Criteria Decision Making) techniques to address the challenges related to the area of construction. The final section of the chapter presents the findings and the objectives of the dissertation.

The second chapter reviews the graphic design techniques for the development of shapes of structural elements (such as stairways) of a single-family house. Also, it describes the multiple criteria evaluation methods, which are used to assess the objectives established in the dissertation.

The third chapter provides the solutions for three practical objectives by means of the proposed MCDM techniques: the first one is used to look for the most appropriate positioning of a garage in relation to a single-family house; the second – for evaluating the choice of structural elements and sustainable materials for a single-family house; and the third one – for validating the choice of ergonomic staircase shapes.

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