Development and research of building biocomposite board from fibre hemp shives

Arūnas Kremensas

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis investigates properties of biocomposite boards produced using fibre hemp shives as an aggregate.

In order to develop this type of biocomposite boards from fibre hemp shives aggregate, the work analysis: the selection of organic binder, research of physicalmechanical properties of biocomposite boards and impact of additives (hydrophobizer and flame retardants) on product‘s structure, short-term water absorption, swelling in thickness and fire resistance. The application of fibre hemp for the production of biocomposite boards would assure the effective usage of woody stem waste, arisen from the separation process, by reducing the demand of excavated natural resources, simplifying utilization problem after the end of life cycle and reducing negative impact on the environment and human health.

The thesis consists of the introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references and the list of author‘s publications.

Chapter 1 presents literature review. It analysis the information about classification of fibre hemps, structure and morphology of the plant, processing and application possibilities in various industries. The physical-mechanical properties and structure of fibre hemp shives and their composites with different binders are as well reviewed. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are formulated.

Chapter 2 describes raw materials used in the work, production technology of biocomposite boards, tests methods and equipment used to conduct the research.

Chapter 3 presents granulometric research of non-fractioned and shredded fibre hemp shives obtained after fibre separation process and density, water absorption, structure investigation of different fractions fibre hemp shives. It analysis physical-mechanical properties and structure of biocomposite boards from different fractions fibre hemp shives aggregate and binder. According to the obtained results, optimal composition of biocomposite board is chosen and the impact of hydrophobizer and flame retardants on structure and physical-mechanical properties of biocomposite board is determined.

Four articles focusing on the subject of the discussed thesis are published: one – in scientific journal included in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database; one – in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science “Conference Proceedings” edition; two – in journals indexed in international databases. The results of conducted research in thesis are presented in five national and international scientific conferences.

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