Research of piezoelectric energy harvesting systems based on cantilevers with irregular cross-sections

Andrius Čeponis

Doctoral dissertation

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A dissertation analyses the problems of increasing an output power of piezoelectric energy harvesters based on single cantilever and cantilever arrays.

The main aim of dissertation is to propose a method to increase an output energy density and power density of piezoelectric layer of cantilever type energy harvester by introducing irregular cross section of the cantilever and rigidly composed cantilevers in cantilever arrays.

The dissertation covers a review of the most relevant scientific literature, numerical and experimental investigations of piezoelectric energy harvesters based on cantilevers with different irregular cross-sections and cantilever arrays based on rigidly composed cantilevers.

The dissertation consist of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references, list of scientific publications published by the author of the topic of dissertation and three appendixes. The introduction covers problem relevance, formulation of the goals and objectives, introduces novelty of the dissertation and overviews the dissertation structure.

The first chapter describes background and motivation of mechanical vibrations energy harvesting, an overviews the main mechanical vibrations energy harvesting technologies and their operation principles.

The second chapter is related to numerical and experimental investigations of piezoelectric energy harvesters based on rectangular and trapezoidal cantilevers with irregular cross-sections. The cross-sections of cantilevers were modified by rectangular, cylindrical and trapezoidal gaps. Electrical and mechanical characteristics of the piezoelectric cantilevers were analysed while different shape gaps were used.

The third chapter presents numerical and experimental investigations of polygon type piezoelectric energy harvesters. Three different designs of the cantilever arrays introduced and investigated i. e. rectangular, saw-tooth and polygon type. The investigation reveals influence of rigidly composed cantilevers and irregular cross-sections to electrical and mechanical characteristics of the energy harvesting systems.

Seven scientific articles, related to the topic of the dissertation were published: 4 papers were published in journals with citation index and included to Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database, 1 paper was published in conference material book indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science “Conference Proceedings” database, 2 papers were published in the journals included in other databases. The results of the dissertation were presented at 5 international conferences.

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