Design and investigation of nanometric integrated circuits for all-digital frequency synthesisers

Marijan Jurgo

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates blocks and models of multiband frequency synthesisers and their implementation in nanometric integrated circuit technologies. A hypothesis is raised and proven that all-digital frequency synthesisers in nanometric technologies allow to achieve parameters required for multiband wireless transceivers. The aim of the thesis is to create blocks of all-digital frequency synthesiser that allow to achieve its parameters required for applications in multiband wireless transceivers implemented in nanometric integrated circuit technology nodes. The following tasks were approached in the work: the structures of frequency synthesisers were investigated and a structure suitable for implementation in nanometric technologies was created; the models of the blocks constituting synthesiser of proposed structure and integrated circuits of these blocks were created and investigated.

The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, lists of references and author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation, summary in English and four annexes.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, importance of the thesis and the object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the work, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical significance of results examined in the dissertation, defended statements and the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 reviews the types of frequency synthesisers, describes their main parameters and the most commonly used figures of merit. The models of frequency synthesisers and their operation in phase and frequency domains are overviewed. Noise sources of all-digital frequency synthesiser are described. At the end of the chapter, the tasks for the dissertation are formulated.

Chapter 2 proposes and applies a new figure of merit, allowing to perform a comparative analysis of multiband frequency synthesisers. The requirements for the main synthesiser blocks are drawn. The means of increasing the resolution of time to digital converter are analysed and new model of time to digital converter is presented. The structure of multiband frequency synthesiser is proposed.

Chapter 3 presents the integrated circuits of time to digital converter, digitally controlled oscillator and digital filter, which are designed according to the requirements for the multiband synthesiser blocks.

7 articles on the subject of the dissertation are published: 4 articles – in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database, 1 – in international conference publications which are referred by Clarivate Analytics database Proceedings, 2 – in scientific journal listed in other international databases. 9 presentations on the subject of the dissertation have been given at national and international conferences.

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