Research on the acoustic qualities of building materials and structures and their use for noise reduction in premises

Tomas Januševičius

Doctoral dissertation

Disertacijos neparduodamos



Technological sciences, environmental engineering (04T)

The dissertation analyses the sound-insulating qualities of building materials and structures. The aim of the dissertation is to investigate and indentify, under natural conditions and in a noise suppression chamber, the structures which, as internal and external components of buildings, would ensure the protection of interior rooms against noise and to model on this basis the sound reduction indices of structures.

The work deals with several main tasks: investigations of the acoustic qualities of building materials and structures in a noise suppression chamber and under natural conditions; comparison of results obtained from measurements, and the evaluation of the sound reduction indices of perspective structures through modelling.

The introductory chapter introduces the problem addressed and topicality of the work, describes the object of research, formulates aim and tasks of the work, describes research methodology, scientific novelty of the work, points out practical value of the work’s results and specifies defended propositions. The introduction ends with a list of articles on the dissertation topic published by the author and the structure of the dissertation.

The first chapter analyses literature relating with the dissertation topic. Conclusions are formulated at the end of the chapter.

The beginning of each chapter presents research methodologies. The second chapter differentiates investigations which were carried out in a noise suppression chamber and analyses their results. The third chapter reviews and interprets the results of the sound-insulating investigations of facades and windows under natural conditions. The fourth chapter analyses and evaluates the acoustic natural investigations of interior walls and compares their results. The fifth chapter analyses and generalises the investigations of the impact sound insulation for ceilings. The sixth chapter presents the calculations of the sound reduction indices which were performed according to the law of mass and according to the international standard LST EN 12354-1; these calculations were compared with the results of the investigations which were carried out in a noise suppression chamber and under natural conditions. The seventh chapter, on the basis of the performed investigations, explains the modelling of the sound reduction indices for perspective interior walls and ceilings with the modelling programme BASTIAN. The eighth chapter describes the investigation results of the jalousies designed for noise minimisation. On the basis of the work results, 4 articles were published in reviewed publications included in the list of ISI Web of Science journals, 2 articles – in reviewed publications on the list of ISI Proceedings, and 2 articles – in other scientific publications.

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