Increasing economic effectiveness of marketing

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Doctoral dissertation

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Social sciences, economics (04S)

The dissertation investigates the issues of increasing economic effectiveness of marketing by using quantitative multicriteria methods of evaluation, marketing portfolio management theory and integrated marketing risk and efficiency management theory.

The main goal of the thesis is to provide a model (frame) of integrating the main factors determining the capability of marketing, whose sustainable development and management can considerably increase economic effectiveness of marketing.

The present research was aimed at comprehensive analysis of the newest literature for answering the question about the state of the problems making the aim of the thesis, their solutions and the adequacy of the methods and approaches used for the solutions of these problems. When the level of the problem solution is determined and the adequacy of the applied methods is checked, the tasks of the present work may be formulated as follows: to suggest a priority scheme of investigating the interaction between the marketing and other business departments, realizing it till pragmatic (practical) statements are provided; to adapt the methods of expert evaluation to the solution of marketing problems, supplementing them with new and modified commonly used methods, to achieve the aims stated in the thesis; to provide a novel formulation of the marketing portfolio concept, which could embrace both the concept of marketing assets and the requirement for defining the metrics of adequate measuring of marketing and cost efficiency; to develop a scheme of marketing risk analysis and management, allowing for objective determination of the need for financial expenses to decrease various types of risks and for solving the problem of optimal distribution of the available financial resources among various risks so that avoided loss would be the highest.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, four chapters, conclusions and suggestions, and list of references.

The general attributes are presented in the introduction: the investigated problem, importance of the thesis, the goal and tasks of the thesis, importance of scientific novelty, practical significance of achieved results.

The first chapter analyzes content and functions of marketing, history, theory and definitions of marketing, as well as the origin and evolution of the marketing mix (4P), criticisms towards traditional marketing mix and suggested alternatives, interaction between marketing and sales and other departments. The first chapter ends with topics of marketing department’s influence on company’s performance and optimal marketing structure’s influence on costs’ effectiveness and competitiveness of an enterprise.

In the second chapter in order to solve the problems concerned with improvement of firm’s marketing activities, expert and multicriteria evaluation methods are used. A hierarchical structure of the criteria describing enterprise marketing system is shaped and presented. After performing expert evaluation and quantitative multicriteria assessment, the results of expert valuations of the effect obtained by unitary capital investment in the analyzed marketing complex are presented.

In the third chapter author analyzes marketing as a medium, in which integrated analysis of marketing assets can be accomplished by evaluating its’ interaction between each other as well as interaction with external environment. A concept of marketing portfolio is chosen as a core of systematic marketing analysis.

The fourth chapter analyzes integrated management of marketing risk and efficiency. A portfolio of risks is taken as the main systematic tool of marketing risk management.

Author has published 14 scientific articles on the topic of the dissertation: 1 in the reviewed scientific periodical publications included in Web of Science data base; 4 in the reviewed scientific periodical publications; 2 in publications of international conferences, included in ISI Proceedings data base; 7 in the reviewed scientific periodical publications of international conferences.

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