Efficiency of investment funds markets

Modestas Plakys

Doctoral dissertation

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Social Sciences, Economics (04S).

The Thesis examines the topic of the international investment funds market development and efficiency.

The main objective of the Thesis is to investigate the characteristics of investment funds markets, preveiling in internacionalization of modern economies and expantions of the European Union, and to develop theoretical model to evaluate the investment funds markets efficiency. The Doctoral Thesis is composed of three parts: introduction, four chapters, and findings.

The introduction presents the main problem, its relevancy and the object of the research, the goal and objectives of the research, methodology, defensive propositions, scientific novelty, and the practical meaning of the results.

In the first chapter a study of presently used theories and theoretical models in the field of investment funds is presented. The viewpoints towards the investment funds and the concepts of the investment funds, their legal as well as sectoral classification of management styles are thoroughly discussed. Relevant risks of investment funds are listed. Therefore, the research performs a detailed analysis of theories dedicated to examine the efficiency of investment funds markets. The main focus is on the problem of evaluating duality, which is designed to evaluate benefits of investment funds gained in the position as business subjects or investment objects.

The second chapter provides author’s proposed theoretical models and research methodologies dedicated to evaluate the efficiency of the investment funds market. Also, author proposed integrated theoretical model used for evaluating the efficiency of investment funds is described.

In the third chapter the situation in the international investment funds market is thoroughly explored. The relevant and determining factors that influence the development of the market are named, autho’s researches on the development of the investment funds in the international markets are described along with the results studies. The influence of the investments funds and investment funds markets development on the technological progress is examined, specially, on the high-tech sector growth. The chapter identifies the issues associated with the concentration of investment funds markets and reveals anticipated outcomes of international investment funds markets.

The fourth chapter evaluates the practical application of the theoretical model. The results showed that the theoretical model can be applied to evaluate the efficiency of investment funds market.

Finally, the findings and proposals are formulated.

Seven articles are published on the theme of the Thesis. Three articles are found in the peer reviewed data bases. One peer reviewed article is part of an international conference material, two articles are published as part of national conference material, one article is published in other peer reviewed academic publication.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/1904-M

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