Electromagnetic field and dispersion characteristic calculations of open waveguides made of absorptive materials

Tatjana Gric

Doctoral dissertation

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Physical Sciences, Physics (02P), Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure; Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties; Superconductors; Magnetic Resonance; Relaxation; Spectroscopy (P260).

Dissertation reveals research problems of the open waveguides, made of materials absorbing the electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The main objects of the research are SiC and metamaterial open-waveguides of various cross-sections. On the basis of such waveguides we can construct various devices (modulators, phase shifters, filters etc.). The main purpose of this dissertation is to create numerical algorithms and to make electrodynamical research based on calculations of the dispersion characteristics and the EM field distributions of the open waveguides made of modern materials (such as silicon carbide (SiC) or metamaterial) possessing the anomaly dispersion and very high losses. The proposed research is based on Maxwell’s equations, which are solved rigorously with all boundary conditions satisfied.

The dissertation studies several major tasks such as analysis of the dispersion characteristics of the main mode and the higher modes propagating in the investigated waveguides as well as the electromagnetic field distributions, explaining fields of applications of the electrodynamical effects.

The dissertation consists of four main parts, including Introduction, three chapters, Conclusions, list of References, Author‘s scientific publications.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, the importance of the dissertation topic, the object of research and describes the purpose and the main tasks of this work, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical significance of results presented in this dissertation and also the defending statements. The introduction ends with presentation of the author’s publications on subject of the dissertation, offering the material of presentations given at conferences and defining the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 revises literature, methods used for analysis of the waveguide devices. Here the approbation of the created algorithms is presented.

Chapter 2 presents the circular SiC and metamaterial waveguides. Here the results of the electrodynamical investigations are presented.

Chapter 3 presents the SiC and metamaterial waveguides with crosssections of complicated form. This chapter presents the results of the electrodynamical investigations.

14 articles focusing on subject of the dissertation are published and 18 conference presentations on this subject are given in the national and the international (14) conferences. The Lithuanian patent and the chapter of the textbook on topic of this dissertation are published.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/1910-M

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