Impact of mineral wool production waste on properties of sintered ceramics

Jolanta Pranckevičienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The work deals with the problem related to utilization of mineral wool production waste, which so far is subjected to dumping, in production of ceramics. In this work there was developed a ceramic material where the mineral wool melt centrifuging waste (MWCF waste) was used as a non-plastic additive. The application of such additive allows for saving natural resources and utilizing the waste formed in production of thermo-insulating materials, as well as for improving properties of ceramic products.

The dissertation consists of introduction, six chapters, summary of results, lists of references and author’s publications on subject of dissertation.

The introductory chapter deals with the problem under investigation, topicality of work, as well as defines the object of investigations, formulates the purpose and tasks of work, details the methods of investigations, scientific novelty of work, practical value of work results, defended proposition. At the end of introduction, the publications published by the author and reports made at conferences on subject of dissertation are presented along with structure of dissertation.

The first chapter is meant for survey of literature. At the end of the chapter the conclusions and tasks of work are given.

The second chapter tackles raw materials, their properties, methods of investigations, compositions of forming mixes and their selection.

The third chapter provides the results obtained by investigations on toxicity of mineral wool production waste and neutralization of phenol and formaldehyde.

The fourth chapter considers the properties of ceramic samples with non-plastic additive, MWCF waste, and fluxing additive, nepheline syenite (NPH).

The fifth chapter provides the investigations of microstructure, mineral composition and durability of sintered ceramic body.

The sixth chapter details technology of ceramic products manufacturing.

Seven scientific articles have been published on the theme of the doctoral dissertation: one has been published in the research journal, included in the databases of the Institute of Scientific Information “Thomson ISI Web of Science” and has an impact factor, another article has been published in the scientific journal included in the databases of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI), the third article has been published in the materials of conference reports included in the database of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) “Thomson ISI Proceedings”, the fourth article has been published in the scientific journal included in other international databases, three more articles in other editions. 6 reports were read at the conferences of Lithuania on subject of dissertation.

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