Modelling of the containers handling’s cycle in the intermodal transport terminal

Jurgita Barysienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates the issues of planning problems of container terminals’ activity. The main object of the work is the technological cycle of container handling in an intermodal transport terminal. The mathematical model of container handling’s cycle created by the author enables to determine factors influencing container’s cycle and to perform multi-attribute assessment of traditional terminal technologies on purpose to achieve short duration of container handling.

The dissertation consists of four parts including Introduction, 4 chapters, Conclusions, References and 8 Annexes.

The introduction briefly reveals the investigated problem, the importance of the thesis and the object of research, describes the main aim and tasks of the work, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical value of results and defended propositions. The introduction ends in presenting the authors’ publications on the topic of the dissertation and defining the structure of the paper.

Chapter 1 reveals the significance of terminals for the intermodal transport system. Chapter 1 is devoted to an analysis of scientific literature related to the issues of terminal activity’s planning. Also, traditional technologies mostly used in container terminals at a port are analysed.

Chapter 2 covers the analysis of the most popular multi-attribute assessment methods and their application. The best multi-attribute assessment method for the evaluation of technologies is selected.

Chapter 3 is dedicated for the research of the container handling’s cycle. In this chapter the mathematical model of the container handling’s cycle is formulated, and the factors, immediately concerned with the cycle, are identified.

In Chapter 4 the assessment of the factors influencing the cycle of container handling is performed. Based on the results, the multi-attribute assessment method is adapted and the approach for the evaluation of terminal technologies’ alternatives is made.

9 papers focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published and 9 presentations have been given in the conferences at national and international level.

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