Assessment, research and use of methods for determining the strength of base courses of road pavement structure

Lina Bertulienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation studies methods and their use for determining structural strength of the road pavements. The aim of research – on a basis of theoretical and experimental research results to justify suitability of the static and dynamic measuring methods for determining structural strength of road pavement layers and to select the most reliable method. The following main tasks were solved: analysis of methods for measuring structural strength of road pavements, experimental research on the structural strength of Lithuania‘s road pavements by the static and dynamic measuring methods, determination of a reliable correlation between the results of measuring methods, selection of the most suitable measuring method for the separate structural layers.

The dissertation consists of introduction, four chapters, general conclusions, the list of references, the list of author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation, and addenda.

Introduction describes the studied problem, topicality of the work and the object of research, the formulated aim and tasks, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical value of results and the defended propositions.

Chapter 1 covers the analysis of the literatute. There is the review of research works carried out in Europe and other countries of the world for determining structural strength of road pavements by calculation methods during their design and gives a wide description of the main methods used in Lithuania.

Chapter 2 gives the analysis of the effect of different factors on the road pavement strength, studies a damaging impact of the axle loads of moving vehicles on road pavement, also the dependency of strength and condition of road pavement on the changes in the ambient temperature and seasonal precipitation.

Chapter 3 analyses the stages of experimental research, selection of a test section for experimental research, methodology for investigating pavement structure parameters and the equipment used, gives the analysis of research data obtained by the author.

Chapter 4 describes statistical analysis and assessment of research results obtained on the subgrade and the lower pavement layers. Reduction coefficients are suggested to be used betwen the static and dynamic measuring methods.

On the topic of the dissertation 10 scientific articles have been published: two – in scientific journals included in the Thomson ISI Web of Science, one – in the proceedings refered in the Thomson ISI Proceedings d, five – in the reviewed proceedings of international conferences and seminars, two – in the proceedings of the conference held in Lithuania. On the topic of the dissertation 3 presentations were made in the scientific conferences and seminars held in Lithuania and other countries.

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