Tension-stiffening model for reinforced concrete members according eurocode

Rokas Girdžius

Doctoral dissertation

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Study analyses the issue of tensile and flexural RC members strains and deformations caused by a short term load. The concrete ability to carry a certain amount of tensile stresses between cracks (due to bond with reinforcement) is called tension-stiffening. The phenomenon, called tension-stiffening, has significant influence on the results of short-term deformational analysis. The main objective of this study is to propose tension-stiffening models for tension and bending RC members affected by a short term load and suitable for using in numerical methods with reference of Eurocode.

Dissertation consists of introduction, four chapters, results, conclusions and author publications on the topic of the dissertation.

The introduction presents reasons for investigation, main objective and tasks of the work, scientific novelty and originality, basic statements to be defended, list of publications by the author.

The first chapter presents literature review on material models (reinforcement, compressed concrete, tensile concrete), cracking models. Furthermore design code and numerical methods for determining deflormations of reinforced concrete members are reviewed. Conclusions and tasks are formulated at the end of the chapter.

The second and third chapters presents derivations of tension stiffening models according to Eurocode. Also, third chapter reports simplified RC elements in bending moment-curvature calculation method. The conclusions are formulated at the end of the chapter.

The fourth chapter presents analysis of tension stiffening models precision, considering RC elements deformations. Numerical modeling examples of RC elements in bending practicing author suggested tension stiffening models. Conclusions are formulated at the end of the Chapter.

9 scientific articles were published on the topic of the dissertation: 4 – in reviewed scientific journals (2 from them included in ISI WEB of Science international databases), 5 articles in conferences materials (1 from them in international conference material).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/1941-M

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