Influence of the active additives on the structure and properties of expanded-clay lightweight concrete

Marija Vaičienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Two active mineral additives were selected in the investigation described in the dissertation: unground catalyst from the reactor of catalytic oil cracking (CAT) and unburned mullite wool (MW). The possibilities to utilise these raw materials in the production of the expanded-clay lightweight concrete are not analysed yet. Main topic of the research: influence of the active mineral additives (CAT and MW) on the main characteristics of the expanded-clay lightweight concrete.

The following main problems are analysed in the dissertation: analysis of the influence of the active mineral additives on the technology of cement hydration, calculation of the predicted exploitative frost resistance, as well as the selection of the best amounts of CAT and MW waste materials in the mixtures of expanded-clay lightweight concrete.

Dissertation is composed from the introduction, fours sections, general conclusions, lists of the reference literature and author's publications on the topics analysed in the dissertation.

In preface, the analysed problem, research topicality is discussed, research object is described, research aim and the tasks are formulated, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical value of the research results, defended propositions are described. Introduction is finalised with author's publications and conference presentations on dissertation topic as well as structure of the 

First section is dedicated to the summary of the reference literature. At the end of the section the conclusions are formulated and dissertation tasks are revised. Second section deals with the research methodologies and equipment, preparation of the samples, compositions of expanded-clay lightweight concrete, characteristics of the raw materials utilised. In third and fourth section the results of the influence of the active mineral additives on the main properties of the expanded-clay lightweight concrete, microstructure, hydration of mixtures' cement are provided, as well as the predicted exploitative frost resistance of the expanded-clay lightweight concrete is calculated. At the end of research project the general conclusions are formulated.

2 papers have been published about the dissertation's topic. These papers are included in Thomson ISI list: two ones are included in a journal quoted in Inspec database, one – in the reviewed article lists of international conferences, one – in other publications. 6 presentations about the dissertation topic have been made in the conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Based on research results filled application form for patent of developed expanded-clay lightweight concrete.

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