Improvement of public innovation support effectiveness in European Union economic area

Mantas Vilys

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation analyzes the public innovation support systems in European Union economic area, its development and needs, opportunities and prospects of effectiveness improvement. Theoretical and practical research presented in dissertation is related to the problems of public innovation support effectiveness assessment. By solving them a qualitative change in development of new and improvement of existing public support systems will be ensured.

The main aim of the thesis is to create a model for the effectiveness assessment of public innovation support which correspond to the particular needs and is based on in-depth analysis of public innovation support systems development practice, its patterns and factors which affect improvement of effectiveness of public innovation support.

Original system of indicators for characterization as well as technique for multi-criteria assessment of public innovation support at the European level is proposed in dissertation. It could be used for creation and implementation of effective public innovation support measures at European Union economic area as well as at national level.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, four chapters, conclusions, references, list of the author’s scientific publications and annexes.

The Introduction presents the investigated problem and importance of the thesis, its scientific novelty.  It reveals the object of the research and describes the goals of the paper, research methodology, the practical significance.

In Chapter 1 the review of scientific literature is performed and conception of public innovation support system is analyzed as well as actuality of its creation and development. Priorities for the further research are indicated.

Chapter 2 reviews the theoretical models for the effectiveness assessment of public innovation support systems. Possibilities to apply modern innovation theories are assessed and summary of international practices is presented.

In Chapter 3 the model designated for the effectiveness assessment of public innovation support systems is presented. Quantitative methods for the assessment of public innovation support impact created by the author and applied in the model, are described in detail.

In Chapter 4 the practical application of the proposed model is presented. The empirical research presented in this chapter reveals main impact patterns of the public innovation support as well as possibilities to improve effectiveness of public innovation support systems.

10 scientific papers focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation have been published, 10 talks were given, 6 of which were at international conferences.

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