Research on using formal concepts for information systems development

Darius Jurkevičius

Doctoral dissertation

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Taking into consideration constantly increasing demands, development of modern information systems has been becoming a more and more complex and resource requiring process.

This thesis presents a formal way of creating an ontology based on formal concepts. It is well-known that ontology development of is a complex process requiring a lot of effort and knowledge from the experts. Building of most current information systems is started from scratch, without recourse to knowledge. Therefore, much time is wasted, the same problems are faced, and errors are made. The use of ontologies enables building new information systems applying the existing knowledge. This thesis proposes a method how to develop ontology by using formal concepts which are extended by rules.

The analytical part of the paper presents definitions of ontology and formal concepts and their importance for modern information systems. Moreover, a research on the ways of using the existing formal concepts as well as the methods of ontology development are provided. Domain ontology uses a formal approach for the development of concepts. According to the results obtained during the analysis, investigation of the proposed method is carried out, and evaluation of these ontologies is presented.

The last chapter of the thesis describes the experiments in which the ontologies of the subject areas are being developed by using formal concepts. The proposed method is implemented in several ontology creating tools, where ontology is created by using data input forms and rules composing a wizard, the results of the experiments are provided, and the conclusions are made.

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