Modelling of the interaction component’s of recycled hot mix asphalt and research its use in the road pavement construction

Darjušas Mučinis

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological sciences, civil engineering (02T).

The purpose of this dissertation is to provide a science-based assessment methodology for the interaction among the components and the results of this interaction. The methodology shall help to design and to produce high quality hot-mix asphalt mixtures with granules of recycled asphalt pavement of Lithuanian roads.

The main objectives include the following:

The research was conducted; scientific works were collected, systemized and analyzed in order to study: the factors of asphalt pavement distresses and their influence on the performance of recycled asphalt, the interaction between old and new materials, the properties of recycled asphalt pavement mixture, and on the recycling process technologies.

Factors determining the homogeneity of recycled asphalt pavement were modeled.

The theoretical viscosity was modeled for two types of blended bitumen or for another rejuvenator. The dynamics of old and new bitumen mixing due to the diffusion process occurring in the two-layer film was also modeled.

Systemized principles of asphalt pavement recycling are provided.

The data was collected to show the dynamics of the amount of recycled asphalt pavement used in Lithuanian over the years.

The component composition and properties of granules of milled, broken and crushed recycled asphalt taken from Lithuanian roads and city streets were studied.

The influence of rejuvenating bitumen type and its percentage amount on physical and mechanical Marshall Parameters of recycled hot-mix asphalt mixture and on the properties of total recycled bitumen was determined.

The rutting resistance of recycled hot-mix asphalt mixture was determined by taking different amounts of granules of recycled asphalt pavement.

New deterministic and stochastic modeling principles are presented and the influence of the amount and properties of asphalt granules on the component composition and homogeneity of recycled mixture was determined.

The theme of the dissertation is published in four scientific articles: two in scientific journals, included in Thomson ISI Web of Science database, one in the edition of the international conference (under review), included in Thomson ISI Proceedingsdatabase, and one in the international conference proceedings (under review).

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