Research of blood flow and stresses in the pathological blood vessels

Zyta Kuzborska

Doctoral dissertation

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Physical load, age and gender influence to blood pressure and maximal stresses in the pathological blood vessel palaces was studies in this work. The main research subject – pathological blood vessel and its blood flow processes that depend on physical load, pathology degree and type, age, gender and blood vessels stress characteristics. The main aim of this work – to examine blood flow characteristics, local blood pressure, stress distribution in the pathological blood vessels dependent physical load assessing blood vessels mechanical properties variations due to age, gender, blood vessel pathology type; to make simplified human efficiency evaluation methodology. The paper analyse a few main tasks:

to explore physical load, blood vessels pathology degree, age and gender influence to blood pressure and tensions increase in the pathological blood vessels locations; experimentally determine blood flow rates changes in pathological blood vessels assessing; additionally investigate blood pressure and heart rate characteristics variations during set physical load and human working age range.

This paper consists of introduction, four chapters, summary, literature and authors publications theses lists and two annexes.

Introductory chapter discusses the test problem, work topicality, research subject, also formulates work subject and tasks, and describes research methodology, work scientific novelty, practical value of the work results, defended propositions. In the introduction end published author's thesis and reports in the conferences also work structure could be found.

The first chapter is literature review. It contains scientific works witch analyse blood vessels injuries influence to blood flow parameters, stress in the pathological locations and mechanical properties variations analysis. In the end of chapter there are conclusions and revised dissertation tasks.

Elastic blood vessels model, which describes blood flow and elastic body, pathology types, formulated assumptions, conclusions there are in the second chapter.

Third chapter contains blood vessels modeling using finite element method results and it analyse.

Load value, age and gender influence to blood pressure research results and approximate efficiency evaluation methodology could be found in fourth chapter. Conclusions of the chapters are formulated.

8 articles for dissertation theme were published: four – in the articles collection included in Thomson ISI list, one – in the reviewed international conferences materials and three – in the republican conferences materials.

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