Investigation of calibration errors of precise graduated length gauges under embedded metrology conditions

Rimantas Lazdinas

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological sciences, measurement engineering (10T).

The growing global robotization level of production challenge the need of

accurate measures of long scales, which in turn stimulates acceleration the production processes of such scales, which is impossible without high calibration performance of precision scales. To achieve the required performance are developed new measurement systems and methods to enable non-ideal metrological conditions of calibration and dynamic method to achieve high calibration accuracy. This dissertation has investigated the dynamic calibration of length gauges and the main factors affecting the calibration errors.

The literature review found that currently the question of dynamic calibration systems is relevant to many national metrological centers. The paper raised the tasks for creating mathematical models, analytical and experimental study of image acquisition process, temperature gradients and a linear motion deviations and assess their impact on calibration errors.

The thesis is divided into introduction, four chapters and conclusions.

The first chapter is dedicated for review of literature. It includes review of length scales, calibration methods and tools, and analysis of measurements errors of calibration systems and uncertainty components. Also the specific conditions of the calibration in embedded metrology requirements are set out. The chapter ends with the results overview of the most closely related topic of the thesis.

The second section of the line position detection modeling and errors analysis of system under consideration, process of line position detection and carried out experimental studies.

The third chapter describes the investigation of internal and external factors associated with temperature gradients, an influence of geometric motion deviations for the scale calibration errors.

The fourth chapter presents the intercomparative results of precision scales calibrations. The evaluated accuracy of comparator ensures traceability with a primary standard of length.

The results of thesis were printed 3 scientific papers, one of which are referred Web of Knowledge database, two papers are published by INSPEC database. The results of thesis were also announced in 7 conferences. Three – are quoted in conference proceedings database, one is printed in reviewed international journal, three papers are published in reviewed conference proceedings.

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