Investigations of composted sewage sludge and ways to reduce gaseous emissions

Eglė Zuokaitė

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological sciences, environmental engineering (04T).

Dissertation examined of sewage sludge, leaking gas emissions problem during composting. The main object of the research during the composting of sewage sludge off-gas and odor reduction techniques and technologies. The main aim of the thesis – to investigate the gaseous pollutant emissions from composting of sewage sludge, to evaluate and identify effective ways and means by which to reduce the composting process, the release of gaseous organic and inorganic contaminants.

The work dealt with a number of key objectives: to investigate the gaseous pollutant emissions from composting of sewage sludge and analysis of the gaseous pollutants in the kinetic regularities of the process, the organic carbon in sewage sludge, to assess the trends in the loss in different ways composted sludge, to explore the main qualitative sewage sludge characteristics before and after composting, on the basis of experimental data to find relationships between the parameters of sewage sludge composting and odor emissions.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, five chapters, a summary of results, literature and the author's publications, thesis topic lists.

Introductory chapter discusses the test problem, the relevance, describes a research work is formulated and objectives, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty of the work, performance and practical value, protected persons claims. The inlet end of the thesis presents the author's published reports and publications and conferences, dissertation structure.

The first chapter is intended for review of the literature. It examined: properties of sewage sludge and its processing techniques and technology, composting of sewage sludge, release and cleaning of gaseous pollutants, analyses methods of odour. The chapter ends with conclusions and formulated revised dissertation tasks.

The second section consist of investigations and analyses of the gaseous pollutants emitted composting sewage sludge. The third section describes investigationes of the total organic carbon, nitrogen and heavy metals in sewage sludge and compost. The fourth section provides the composting process, the release of gaseous odor dispersion mathematical modeling. The fifth chapter describes the engineering solution.

9 articles are published on the dissertation topic: two – a set of articles included in the ISI Web of Science, a list of two – approved by others databases, two – conference materials refereed Thomson ISI Proceedings, and three – the Republican refereed conference proceedings. 7 conference reports were made at Lithuania and other conferences.

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