Design of an unmanned aerial vehicle flight parameter data transmission safety method

Darius Rudinskas

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological Sciences, Measurement Engineering (10T).

The dissertation analyses measures to ensure unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) measurement data transfer safety applying available measurement information processing methods and equipment. The main research objects are integrated UAV diagnostics system and measurement information processing methods. These objects are important for ensuring seamless operation of aviation technologies. The main aim of the dissertation is to analyze the integrated diagnostics system of an UAV with the focus on establishing measurement information safety and to provide a method for measurement information safety and possible equipment.

The main goals of the research concern the application of tasks performed by the UAV integrated diagnostic system. The goals are formulated taking into consideration the topicality of an integrated diagnostics system, which is increasingly being used in electronic control systems installed in modern UAV and addresses the problem of ensuring measurement information safety.

The dissertation consists of the introduction, four chapters, generalization of results, list of references and publications of the author on the topic of the dissertation and two annexes.

In the introduction the research problem and research topicality are discussed, the research object is described, research aims and goals are formulated, and the research methods, scientific innovation and practical application of research results are discussed. In the last part of the introduction publications and conference presentations on the topic of the thesis by the author and the structure of the dissertation are presented.

The first chapter revises literature on the topic. Analysis of measurement data processing in integrated diagnostics systems is presented. In the last sections of the chapter the conclusions are formulated and the goals of the dissertation are reconsidered.

The second chapter presents the methods and equipment for measurement data processing of integrated UAV diagnostics systems.

The third and fourth chapters provide the method for measurement information security, its modeling, possibilities of integrating it into an UAV and description of the experimental research. The potential of the method suggested for measurement data safety is discussed.

On the topic of the dissertation six scientific research articles have been published: one in a scientific journal, included in the Thomson ISI list, two in reviewed journals, and three in the proceedings of national and international conferences. Research results of the thesis have been presented in seven scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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