Impact of innovations and fixed investments on economic growth of the country: Lithuania in the context of European Union

Vytautas Tvaronavičius

Doctoral dissertation

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Social sciences, economics (04S).

This dissertation analyses innovations and fixed investments as well as their impact on economic growth by sector in all European Union member states in the period of 2000–2010. The main researched subjects are: innovativeness of European Union member countries, fixed investments and variations in their structure.

The aim of the work is to evaluate the contemporary approaches towards innovations, fixed investment as heterogeneous driving force of economic growth and impact of those forces on economic and sector growth of Lithuania in the context of the EU. Existence of consistent patterns is to be clarified.

The work consists of introduction, four chapters, general conclusions, list of references and references to the author‘s publications on the dissertation topic as well as annexes.

The total scope of the dissertation – 125 pages excluding addenda, 20 figures, 22 tables and 4 addenda. The introduction sets out the problem analysed and its topicality, the goal and tasks of research. It also presents the defended statements and scientific novelty of the work.

The first chapter analyses innovations, their different conceptions, the origin of innovation science, classification and types of innovation, innovation measurement systems, factors suppressing and stimulating innovation, legal environment of innovations.

The second chapter analyses fixed investments, different approaches towards fixed investment impact on economic growth and legal environment of fixed investments.

The third chapter presents Lithuanian enterprise innovativeness survey and economic interpretation of survey results.

The fourth chapter presents the model of research, analyses innovativeness, fixed investments and economic growth in the context of the European Union, researches interrelationship between innovativeness and fixed investments and their impact on economic growth by structure.

The results of the work help to presume the character of impact of innovations and fixed investments, its constituents on particular economic sectors in order to formulate innovation and fixed investment stimulation policies for specific economic sectors (state programs, objective projects; objective support for business and other).

The author of the dissertation has published 12 publications in Lithuania and abroad. Nine of them – in reviewed scientific editions and three – in other editions.

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