Improvement of diesel engine ecological parameters by using biobutanol and biodiesel mixtures

Jonas Matijošius

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological sciences, transport engineering (03T).

There are the problems related to application of renewable energy sources in internal combustion engines of motor vehicles are analyzed in this doctoral thesis. The main objects of the research are the performance efficiency and oxide emission tests of a diesel engine running on biobutanol and biodiesel mixtures. The primary purpose of the thesis is to theoretically and experimentally investigate and substantiate the possibilities of using biofuel mixtures, composed of biobutanol and biodiesel, in a diesel engine, evaluating the engine performance ecological, efficiency and economical indicators. The doctoral thesis consists of an introduction, three sections, summary of the results, the list of references, as well as the author’s publications on the topic of the thesis and five annexes. The introductory part contains a discussion of the research problem and relevance of the thesis, a description of the object of research, formulation of the purpose and objectives of the thesis, a brief description of the research methodology, indication of scientific novelty, practical significance of the research results and the hypotheses defended. At the end of the introduction the author’s conference reports and publications on the topic of the thesis, as well as the structure of the doctoral thesis are presented.

The first section is dedicated to the literature analysis, which contains an overview of the factors promoting the use of biofuels, test results of using butanol and biodiesel in internal combustion engines, the impact of particulate matter produced by a diesel engine on the environment and human health, application of isotope mass spectrometry and other methods for study of engine exhaust gases. At the end of the section the conclusions are drawn and the objectives of the doctoral thesis are revised. The research methodology used for study of biodiesel and biobutanol mixtures is presented in the second section. The composition of biobutanol and biodiesel mixtures meeting the re-quirements applicable to fuels, the analysis of theoretical aspects of using biobutanol and biodiesel mixtures in diesel engines, the results of an experimental study on biobutanol and biodiesel mixtures are determined in the third section. 10 scientific articles on the topic of the thesis have been published: one article in scientific journals (Thomson ISI Web of Science); four – other scientific journals; other articles are presented to in the other rewieved editions. The results of the research performed within the framework of this doctoral thesis have been announced at nine scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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