The research of e-learning results’ assessment technologies

Jurgita Lieponienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Technological sciences, informatics engineering (07T).

The doctoral thesis analyses the issues of the grading of e-learning results in the context of higher education changes. The main object of analysis is the automatic conversion of grades from one grading scale to another. The doctoral thesis mainly aims at developing the models of automatic grades conversion from one grading scale to another.

The following main objectives are solved in the thesis: analysis of researches performed in the area of technologies of e-learning results grading; performance of analysis of models and grading systems of study results; development of the models of grading conversion from one grading scale to another as well as the algorithms, implementing such models; experimental analysis of developed grading conversion models; integration of developed grading conversion model into e-learning system.

The introduction discusses analyzed problem, relevance of work, description of analysis object, formulation of the aim and objectives of thesis, description of research methodology, the scientific novelty of work, practical significance of work results and defensive statements.

The first section is dedicated to the review of literature sources. It includes the analysis of researches in the area of e-learning results grading technology and justification of the relevancy of analyzed topic. The second section provides the analysis of grading systems of studies results in various countries, the ECTS grading scale is analyzed and the issues of the application of this grading scale are discussed. The methodology of grading conversion from one grading scale to another and conclusions are provided at the end of the section.

The third and fourth sections describe the developed grading conversion models and their respective algorithms, the experimental analysis of developed models is performed.

The fifth section analyzes the integration of grading conversion model into e-learning systems, the grading conversion model suitable for e-learning systems is selected, the questions of the integration of grading conversion model into Moodle are discussed.

12 articles were published on the topic of doctoral thesis: 5 articles were published in scientifics magazines, 2 articles were published in conference-type material referred to in the ISI database, 1 article – international conference-type material and 2 articles – in national conference-type material, 2 articles – in other peer-reviewed editions. 12 statements on the topic of doctoral thesis were made at national and international conferences.

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