Research of safety message quality characteristics in inter vehicle communication

Šarūnas Stanaitis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates communication quality issues in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) using statistical analysis, experimental measurements, simulations and modelling. The Object of research is quality characteristics of Inter-Vehicle communication, which is based on IEEE 802.11p standard. The main objective of current research is to investigate Inter-Vehicle communication quality characteristics: packet loss and delay. Additionally propose a redundant safety message transmission method and create the confidence index concept and the calculation method. To reach these objectives following tasks have to be solved: define the boundary vehicular multi-hop transmission algorithms and investigate their performance for latency times defined in different use cases; analyze a packet loss caused by obstacles on the road and define approximation equations, for use in modelling tools; create the redundant packet transmission method for the lost safety message reduction; investigate the confidence index concept in a vehicular network and propose the confidence metrics calculation method; investigate the safe following distance dependency on road conditions and compare it to reliable communication distance.

Four scientific papers have been published in the reviewed scientific publications by the author within the topic of research: two in reviewed Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge journals, one in reviewed Index Copernicus journals, and one in Conference Proceedings Citation Index. 8 presentations on the subject have been given in the conferences at the national and the international level.

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