Research of sapropel use for heat production and environmental assessment

Justyna Kozlovska

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis examines the causes for the formation of sapropel, its main properties, composition, the use for biofuel briquettes. The main object of the research is sapropel and the possibility to use it as a binder material for biofuel briquettes. The main aim of the thesis is to determine the suitability of sapropel thermally and environmentally during the comprehensive researches for the production of biofuel briquettes, and to evaluate the factors influencing its use possibilities as a biofuel type for the production of thermal energy.

The following objectives have been dealt with in the work: to examine the composition of sapropel chemical elements and content of organic carbon; to examine mechanical properties of briquettes with the sapropel binder; to determine thermal properties of sapropel and its mixtures with other biofuel briquettes, as well as to evaluate gaseous pollutant emissions released during the combustion process of briquettes; to simulate the combustion process of sapropel briquettes and pollutant emissions; to suggest optimal option for the mixture of biofuel briquette with sapropel.

8 articles have been published on the topic of thesis: three – in scientific journal referred in international databases, one – international conference proceedings included in the Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, databases, one – in international Lithuanian conference material, two – in reviewed Lithuanian Conference material, and one – in other conference material. 7 reports on the topic of thesis have been read at international and Lithuanian conferences.

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