The research of acoustic cyclone

Darius Ozarovskis

Doctoral dissertation

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The study analyzes one of the dry cleaning method for air flow polluted by ultrafine particles (0.1 ≤ d ≤ 10 mm). This method is widely distributed in Lithuania, because the collected dust can be used as secondary raw materials.

The main object of the research is the acoustic cyclone with a secondary opposite air-flow. Cyclone operating principle is based on centrifugal force applied to the particles in the screwed air flow. Due of its simplicity, low cost and ease operation, those kind cyclones is widely used. Therefore, these objects are important in reducing emissions (particulate matter) into the atmosphere from a variety of industries.

The aim of the work is to develop and analyze acoustic cyclone. For designing of acoustic cyclone the special software SolidWorks 2001 SP2.0 Flow Simulation 2011 2.0 Build 1525 was used. And for production – advanced sheet metal processing technology was used. Acoustic cyclone research was done by digital and experimental methods. The dissertation aims to explore the subject of polluted air cleaning efficiency in different sizes and masses of particles in the flow.

The scope of created cyclone extends as particles are separated from the air flow from size up to 1 μm. Therefore, in the air-cleaning devices do not need to install additional fiber filters.

The aim of this thesis is to carry out the review of scientific literature on the employment of acoustic field for interaction of fine particles, to analyze and ground the impact of acoustic field parameters on the adhesion of fine particles, to analyze and to ground the concept of acoustic cyclone, its working principles and simulation of flows theoretically, to design acoustic cyclone based on returning flow principle ant to carry out experimental research with the designed cyclone.

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