Electromagnetic radiation of mobile communication investigation and spread reduction instrumentalities

Raimondas Buckus

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis deals with the the cellular antennas and mobile phones exposure of electromagnetic radiation. Main aim of thesis to investigate and evaluate cellural antennas and mobile phone electromagnetic radiation and create protection measures.

Main task has been solved in the work: to present a complex study of evaluation  of different effective radiated power cellural antennas electromagnetic radiation in the envinronmental; exploration different models of mobile phones generated electric field strength; electromagnetic radiation simulation; measures performance of electromagnetic radiation shielding materials and creation of mobile telephone sheath which reduces electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone.

The thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, lists of references and publications of authors on the topic.

Introductory chapter discusses the exploratory problem, the relevance of work, describes the object of studies, presents the formulation of aim and objectives of the work, describes research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of results and defensive affirmations. Publications published by the author of thesis and reports at conferences, as well as thesis structure are presented at the end of the introduction.

The first chapter covers the analysis of scientific literature. It analyzes information on the mobile telecommunication electromagnetic radiation characteristics, its propagation featues, modeling and measurement techniques, shielding principles and electromagnetic radiation influence for human health. The second chapter presents the methodology of the cellural antennas and mobile telephones electric field strength, magnetic field strength and the electromagnetic energy flux density researches. Also this chapter provides information about modelling techniques and electromagnetic radiation shielding materials methodology. The third section provides the cellural antennas, mobile telephones electromagnetic radiation experimental researches, modelling researches and electromagnetic radiation shielding materials analysis and gives conclusions.

5 articles have been published on the topic of thesis: two – in the journals which are referred in the Web of Science ISI database, one – in scientific journal referred in the other international databases, one – in International Lithuanian Conference material, one – in International Conference material. 7 reports on the topic of thesis have been read at Lithuanian and international conferences.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2136-M

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