Experimental investigations of clogging processes and implementation of mitigation measures in landfills

Kristina Bazienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis examines the causes for the clogging problem of municipal landfill leachate collection system. The main aim of the work is to research clogging processes in different fillings by using municipal waste leachate, evaluate the leachate chemical compound concentration changes, and, based on the results of researches, to maintain the conductivity function.

In the graduation thesis, several basic objectives are being solved: to perform column research of the fillings, by using municipal waste landfill leachate, and to identify parameters, identifying the clogging processes of fillings: porosity and porosity coefficient, as well as to analyse their changes; to analyse the concentrations of chemical compounds leachate, having an impact on drainage layer clogging; to evaluate, by applying modelling software, the column filling porosity changes over a period of time.

The thesis consist of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, list of references used as well as the list of the author’s publication on the dissertation topic.

The introductory chapter discusses the study problem, the relevance of the work, presents the description of the research object, formulation of the aim and objectives of the work, description of the research methodology, scientific novelty of the work, the practical significance of results, and defensive statements.

The first chapter is the review of literature, as well as examination of: clogging processes in municipal landfill leachate collection system. There is looked over the others World scientists work of clogging research and analysed their results. The chapter ends with conclusions and revision of thesis objectives.

The second chapter presents the research methodology of: porosity of different fillings, and the measure of leachate parameters causing drainage clogging. There is also presented the methodology of modelling during long term.

The fourth chapter presents the results of experimental research and their analysis. The main parameters describes clogging are porosity and coefficient of porosity, which measured for different fillings. There is presented a landfill drainage layer construction formatting of drainage rubble ant tired shreds layers. The layers are of the different thickness.

6 articles have been published on the topic of thesis: two – in the compendium of articles, included into Web of Science ISIdatabase; one – in scientific journal referred in international databases, one – in international Lithuanian conference material, included into Index Copernicus databases; two – in reviewed Lithuanian Conference material.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2134-M

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