Interdependence between functional and compositional structures in the local centres of the city

Justinas Bučys

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation discusses the problem of coherence between functional and compositional structures of the city based on evidence that the existing and planned functions, including the possibilities of moving within the street network, and urban composition have corresponding or non-corresponding relation. The investigated problem has been revealed and analysed regarding the integration of mathematical and graphical modelling tools.

The dissertation is aimed at developing a model for investigating interde­pendence between functional and compositional structures of the city and is based on the analysis of the existing local centres. The thesis explores the possi­bilities of its application for defining formation principles of an effective urban structure. A study on three local centres situated in the north-west part of Vilnius has been carried out.

The dissertation consists of the introduction, three chapters, conclusions, a list of literature, a list of the author’s publications on the subject and four annexes.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, the importance of the thesis and the object of research as well as describes the aim and tasks of the work, research methodology, scientific novelty and defended statements.

Chapter 1 discusses a definition of functional and compositional structures and introduces a hierarchy of the centres and sub-centres of the city and reviews the methods analysing the spatial structure of local centres specifically focusing on the space syntax methodology used for finding potential solutions to the in­vestigated problem.

Chapter 2 presents the results of modelling and analysis of urban structure used for creating an analytical model. When applying the spatial accessibility model of Vilnius city, the study focuses on the spatial structure of local centres. The task of the thesis is to investigate the importance and role of key spatial fea­tures on the formation of local centres and combine the functional and composi­tional aspects of the analysis of urban structure.

Chapter 3 focuses on researching the possibilities of applying the proposed model. The chapter gives recommendations for defining the principles of urban structure formation of local centres applied in urban projects: developing strate­gic solutions to the formation of the built-up structure and street network, inves­tigating each component in detail and making context sensitive decisions.

5 articles focusing on the subject of the dissertation have been published: three articles – in peer-reviewed academic journals, one article – in peer-reviewed proceedings of an international conference and one article – in peer-reviewed proceedings of a national conference. 6 presentations on the subject have been made in conferences at national and international levels.

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