Effect of vibratory treatment on the structure and properties of nickel based thermally sprayed coatings

Jelena Škamat

Doctoral dissertation

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This dissertation presents the research on influences of a vibratory treatment on the structure and properties of thermally sprayed coatings. The research mainly concentrates on protective multifunction Ni-based coatings, which are produced by a two-step technological process where the powder is first deposed by a thermal spray and further the as-sprayed layer is remelted. Such sequence determines the final microstructure of the coatings after remelting. The coating features are largely determined by the obtained microstructure, thus an introduction of optimizations and modification of structure may lead to a significant improvement of the coating performance and quality. The use of specific structure affecting methods, such as vibratory treatment, during the solidification has not been studied adequately in the field of thermal spray technology. Therefore, the main objective of the presented work to establish what kind of effects may be obtained by the application of vibratory treatment during remelting of as-sprayed coatings and, also, to estimate the actual role of each of vibrational parameters.

The final objective has been reached by solving such major tasks as the analysis of the obtained coatings microstructure and their properties with use of advanced materials research methods; the establishing of the main changes, produced by vibratory treatment in alloy structure, and further determining the dependences between the vibrations parameters and coatings properties.

The dissertation consists of four parts which include Introduction, 3 chapters, Conclusions, References, and 3 Annexes.

The introduction reveals the investigation problem, the object of research and also describes the objective and the tasks of the paper, the research methodology, the scientific novelty, the practical significance of the results examined in the paper and defended the statements. The introduction is finalized by presenting the author’s publications in the field of the dissertation, offering the material of the provided presentations in conferences and defining dissertation structure.

Chapter 1 includes review of thermal spray technology and vibratory treatment. The influence of different factors on the formation of refusible coatings is discussed and the possibility of the vibratory treatment application during coatings remelting is analysed. Chapter 2 describes the methodology of vibrational remelting exsperiments, materials and equipment used for exsperiment, presents results of analysis of spraying powders and describes research methods used in dissertation. Chapter 3 includes the results of the investigations of coatings, remelted under vibratory treatment, and results discussions.

5 articles on the subject of the discussed dissertation have been published: two of them in Thomson ISI database. The results of research have been presented in 8 conferences at national and international level.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2175-M

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