The increase of validity of national competitiveness’ promotion decisions

Giedrė Rakauskienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Dissertation analyses means and approaches of the national competitiveness promotion decisions’ preparation and substantiation. The understanding of importance of national competitiveness’ decisions, the problems arising in these decisions preparation process and the need financial resources to promote national competitiveness to use efficiently, impose the necessity to increase validity of these decisions. This necessity identifies the problem – lack of means that are designed specifically for national competitiveness’ issues solutions. Accordingly, the aim of dissertation is to develop and test empirically national competitiveness’ assessment method and national competitiveness’ change optimization model that help to validate national competitiveness’ promotion decisions.

The dissertation consists of the introduction, three main chapters and conclusions. The introduction presents the scientific problem, its relevance, the object, aim, tasks and methods of the researches, scientific novelty and practical significance of the dissertation, defended statements.

Chapter 1 reveals topicality of issue of national competitiveness and analyses different countries’ practice, which reveals the institutional and methodological aspects of preparation of national competitiveness’ promotion decisions. Furthermore, in order to clarify the definition of national competitiveness, according to identified the most important theories and schools that mostly influenced emergence of different viewpoints; the analysis of most commonly used interpretations of the conception of national competitiveness is performed. Theoretical national competitiveness’ models are reviewed, comparative analysis of factors’ sets used for national competitiveness assessment by different organizations is performed and, according to the results, set of factors which reflects the clarified definition of national competitiveness is developed. On the basis of scientific literature analysis the content of each factor from the set is disclosed and approved.

In the Chapter 2, basing on assumptions how to increase the validity of national competitiveness’ decisions, national competitiveness’ assessment method is proposed and national competitiveness’ change optimization model developed.

Chapter 3 describes process and results of empirical investigations that examine practical acceptability of the proposals.

7 articles focusing on the subject of the dissertation are published: 4 articles in the scientific journals, 1 article – in ISI Proceedings, 2 articles – in material reviewed during international conferences.

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