Buildings renovation multicriteria assessment

Modestas Kračka

Doctoral dissertation

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This thesis investigates residential and public buildings assessing the modernization of buildings through multicriteria methods.

The main aim of this work is to extend the evaluation methods of renovation of the building, offering multipurpose approach to the range evaluation system. The developed model can be used for assessing the modernization of buildings, modernization of payback, and setting modernized energy performances of buildings.

This dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, a conclusion, references, author‘s publications on the topic and a list of three annexes.

The introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance, describing the object of research, formulates the aim of the work and its objectives, describes the scientific novelty and defended statements. At the end, the author deliveres presentations, which were presented at the conferences and publications, as well as the structure of the dissertation.

The firest chapter provides a literary review of modernization of buildings problems and peculiarities. The chapter ends with conclusions and revised dissertation tasks.

The second chapter contains a tradinional method of multicriteria overview and also includes a created method algorithm with the interval system.

The third section describes the building modernization with a multi-interval system and includes a multi-criteria method of the analysis of the results.

This dissertation topic analysed six published research papers, of which three are assessed by the database Thomson ISI Web of Science, and three articles were presented at national and international conferences.

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