Analysis of hexapod robot movement over rough terrain

Tomas Luneckas

Doctoral dissertation

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Dissertation analyses hexapod robot locomotion over rough terrain and terrain feature identification without using any specialized sensors. An algorithm for identifying and evaluating terrain features using robot‘s feet coordinates is introduced.

The thesis consists of introduction, three main chapters, conclusions, bibliography, list of publication.

Introduction reveals problem and importance of the work and the object of research as well as describes the purpose and tasks of thesis, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of obtained results and defended statements. Finally a list of author’s publications and conference presentations is given as well as dissertation structure.

First chapter introduces to terrain classification and features for terrain classification are described. Also main methods for detecting terrain features are introduced. At the end of the chapter, conclusions and tasks for dissertation are formulated.

Second chapter presents robot’s kinematic and imitation model creation. Designed simplified robot control system and control program are described. Also terrain feature identification and evaluation method and decision making system are developed.

In the third chapter standard deviation value estimation by simulating robot locomotion on different terrain is presented. Physical robot’s locomotion on flat terrain using adaptive gait is investigated and feet coordinate deviation compensation is discussed. Also robot’s locomotion over rough terrain is investigated and results for terrain roughness identification are presented. Furthermore gait selection algorithm simulation results are discussed.

Results of the work were published 4 scientific articles in reviewed scientific periodical publications, 5 – in other editions: one – published in journal quoted in Thomson ISI Proceedingsdatabases, three – in periodic Lithuanian journals, five – in referred international conference journals. 12 presentations were made in conferences on the subject.

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