Influence of the fractionated concrete waste and plasticizing admixture on the properties of cement concrete

Olga Finoženok

Doctoral dissertation

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In the dissertation concrete waste are investigated and several main tasks are dealt with: the possibility to save natural resources by replacing natural aggregates with the aggregates prepared from concrete waste, and to produce concrete with properties fulfilling the requirements of designed concrete. The main objective of the dissertation is to develop the methodology for the effective utilisation of concrete waste in the production of new concrete products and to analyse the dominant characteristics of these concrete products. Dissertation is composed from preface, 3 chapters, results' summary, lists of the reference literature and author's scientific publications on the topics analysed in the dissertation.

In preface, the analysed problem, research topicality, research object are discussed, research objective and the tasks are formulated, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical value of the research results, defended propositions are described. Preface ends with author's publications and conference presentations on dissertation topic as well as structure of the dissertation.

First chapter is dedicated to the summary and analysis of the scientific references about concrete waste, it’s reproducing and using in new product production also waste and polymeric additives effect on the properties of concrete. At the end of the section the conclusions are formulated and dissertation objectives are revised.

Second chapter describes the raw materials used in the research, their characteristics and properties. In addition, research methodologies as well as equipment employed are presented.

In third chapter the variation of the properties of concrete prepared from concrete waste. The methodology for the selection of suitable composition, when the crushed concrete waste is used for concrete mixtures replacing a part amount of fine aggregates, was described. In addition, the investigations, when polymeric additives were utilised for the concrete mixtures, are provided in this section. These additives were utilised with the intention to improve the properties of concrete, prepared from concrete waste, as well as to increase contact strength between waste materials and newly formed concrete mortar part.

The following papers on the dissertation's topic were published: one in a scientific journal in the Institute for Scientific Information database “ISI Web of Science” citation index containing, four – in the other science journals, two – in the conference materials, one – in the conference Paper in Reviewed International Conference in Lithuania.

10 presentations about the dissertation's topic have been made at scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad. 

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