Study of vibratory pile bearing capacity based on parameters measured during installation

Kęstutis Kelevišius

Doctoral dissertation

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Purpose of the thesis is to create a methodology of vibratory pile bearing capacity determination.

Cost of determination of vibratory pile bearing capacity could be significailly reduced by creating a method that does not require specialised equipment for pile test. Record of vibratory pile dynamic response parameters, that are functionally related with vibroplie‘s bearing capacity, during it‘s installation would be used for realisation of the method.

Experimental and analytical investigation and their validation using vibrodriveability characteristics record are presented in the thesis.

The dissertation consists of Introduction, three Chapters, Conclusions, References and 3 Annexes that are presented in digital format.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, importance of the thesis and the object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the paper, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical significance of results examined in the paper and defended statements. The introduction ends in presenting the author’s publications on the subject of the defended dissertation, offering the material of made presentations in conferences and defining the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 revises used literature, that is associated with installation of vibratory piles, rheological models and pile bearing capacity determination methods. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are drawn and the tasks for the dissertation are reconsidered.

In Chapter 2 main principal scheme of vibratory pile installation is presented. Presented principal scheme consists of rheological models connected in appropriate way. Algorythm of presented vibropile‘s installation principal scheme calculation is presented also.

In Chapter 3 discription of innovative equipment for measuring displacements and forces of vibratory pile during installation, plan of experiment performance and it‘s results are presented. Interpretation of quick static test, that was performed instantly after installation of the vibratory pile, analysis of vibratory pile bearing capacity using proposed in the thesis bearing capacity determination method and it‘s acceptance criteria are presented also.

4 articles focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published. 3 presentations on the subject have been given in conferences international level.

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