Research and evaluation of wind turbines noise and protection measures

Jurgis Mažuolis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines the issue of noise emission from the wind farms. The objects of investigation are wind farm noise and environmentally friendly low-frequency noise-deadening materials with cylindrical structure.

The paper addresses a number of key objectives: to determine and assess low frequency noise and infrasound emission and dispersion both inside and outside the industrial wind farms, as well as to establish effective measures for protection of settlements against low-frequency noise generated by wind turbines.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusions, recommendations, list of references and the author's publications on the topics.

The introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of the investigation, describes the object of the research, states the aims and objectives, presents the research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of the results, and the statements for defending. It also highlights practical significance of the dissertation presents the author's publications and presentations at conferences, and explains the structure of the thesis.

The first chapter is devoted to literature review. It provides an overview of general problems related to wind and noise produced by wind turbines, an overview of the outlook on wind energy in Lithuania, and a discussion of wind turbine constructions. The chapter presents the analysis of aerodynamic noise emitted by means of low-frequency noise attenuation techniques and the use of insulating materials. The chapter ends with conclusions and specified objectives of the dissertation.

The second chapter is concerned with the wind farm noise and background noise detection method, sound insulation RW determination in noise attenuation chamber method and the noise dispersion modelling methodology.

The third section includes testing results of noise emissions at wind farms; results of sound insulation index analysis of environmentally friendly materials with cylindrical structure, and simulation results of noise emissions in materials and building environments.

There are six research papers published on the subject of the dissertation, one of them in a journal assessed in the ISI Web of Science database and provided with a citation index IF = 1.958, one in conference proceedings assessed in ISI Proceedings database, one in a scientific journal included in other databases and three in Lithuanian assessed conference papers entered in the Index Copernicus database.

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