Research and application of structures with chopped tire for inhibite of noise

Albertas Venslovas

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines the silencing structure consisting of a tattered shredded tire chips to reduce noise. Noise suppression devices are becoming increasingly popular because of its efficiency and ease of installation of different places. The aim – to experimental research to determine the most effective noise suppressor designs, filled with shredded tires of different fractions of granules and suggest their usefulness. Based on the results of experimental studies conducted to develop and determine the effectiveness and application. Tasks given to an analytical formulation of the problem and finding information in Lithuania and other countries, is associated with the research and modeling results.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography, and author of publications on the topic in the list.

The introductory chapter discussed the research problem and the relevance of the research described in the subject, formulated aim and ambitions, described the research methodology, revealed to the scientific novelty of the work is based on the practical value of results presented hypotheses. Delivered to the author's thesis topic publications and conferences, and reports of the dissertation structure.

In the first chapter to analyze the noise sources in the environment and the dissemination of the air, to examine the damping elements and their operation and design features, detailed selective structural elements and suppress noise affecting factors. Also analyze software packages for ambient noise dispersion modeling. The chapter ends with the conclusions formulated and set goals for further research. The second section presented attenuation walls laboratory methodology disclosed in-kind experiments, research methodology and the modeling methodology presented in the third section contains the analysis of the results and conclusions. Evaluated in different design elements of acoustic measurement accuracy, the examination of motor noise. Detailed analysis of the results and conclusions of the noise distribution, the use of convex surface elements. Modeling and analysis of the results of the comparison conclusions are formulated and described engineering solution allows to reduce the noise levels in the project area.

5 articles have been published on the topic of thesis: two – journals referred to the ISI Web of Science database, three – science journals referred to other databases. Dissertation topic to read three papers in international conferences and Lithuania.

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