Research and evaluation of iron impact on sludge digestion process

Svetlana Ofverstrom

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines impact of iron salts and ochre (iron sludge from water treatment plant) on digestion of sludge from wastewater treatment plants with biological phosphorus removal process. Research object was anaerobic digestion of sludge mixture with traditional and alternative iron sources added. The aim of work was to examine the potential of ochre as an alternative iron source and to investigate factors governing anaerobic digestion process: methane production rate, hydrogen sulphide removal process and reduction of internal phosphates recycling at wastewater treatment plants with biological treatment plants.

Dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, references and list of author‘s publication on the topic of dissertation.

In introduction main problem is discussed, topicality of work, object of research is described, aim and objectives of work are formulated, research methodologyis described, scientific novelty of research, practical value of the results and defended propositions are presented. In the end of introduction author’s articles on the topic of dissertation and structure of dissertation, acknowledgements as well are presented.

In the first chapter literature concerning with the studied topic is analysed. Information about sludge sources, types and characterisation is presented, anaerobic digestion process is described, and previous research results on impact of aluminium and iron are summarized. In the end of the chapter conclusions and tasks are formulated.

Second chapter presence methodologies used for the research. Laboratory and pilot-scale anaerobic reactors and characteristics of sludge and ochre used for the experiments are described.

In chapter results on impact of iron salts and ochre are presented and discussed, comparison with other researchers obtained results is made. Technological scheme for use of ochre for the improval of sludge digestion processat the treatment plants with biological phosphorus removal is presented and described.

Nine articles have been published on the topic of thesis: two – in scientific journal referred in the other databases, two – in International Conference material, three – in Lithuanian Conference material. Twelve presentations were made at Republic and International Conferences and seminars.

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