Investigation of oscilations of piezoelectric actuators with multidirectional polarization vectors

Raimundas Lučinskis

Doctoral dissertation

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Trajectory formation problem of piezoelectric actuators with multidirectional vector of polarization is investigated in the dissertation. The research object is the multidirectional trajectories of vibrations and excitation schemes of rod-shaped piezoelectric transducers with multidirectional vectors of polarization.

The dissertation deals with a number of key challenges: how to determine the geometry of actuator with bi-directional and radial polarization, and the electrode configuration search algorithm fo§§r bi-directional and radial polarization piezoelectric actuator.

The thesis consists of a dissertation text: introduction, three chapters, summary of results, literature and the author's list of publications on topic of dissertation, dissertation sum§mary and two annexes.

Introductory chapter discusses the problem, the relevance, the formulation of the topic and objectives of the research, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty of the work, performance and practical value, defending statements.

The first chapter is devoted to the review of piezoelectric transducers and their application. Techniques for the formation of motion trajectories of piezoelectric transducers used in ultrasonic devices are discussed as well as a brief overview of existing actuator design is given. The chapter ends with conclusions and formulated revised dissertation research tasks.

The second chapter discusses operation and excitation techniques of the two actuators with non-unidirectional vectors of polarization. Two-directional and radial polarization models of actuator are investigated numerically. The algorithm is proposed for calculation of electrode topology of the actuators. Algorithm was applied to calculate electrode topologies of aforementioned actuators.

The third chapter discusses experimental research of the proposed piezoelectric actuators. Impedance dependence from excitation frequency is investigated and contact point trajectories are analysed under different excitation regimes. Numerical and experimental results are compared, evaluated and discussed. The main observations are summarized and concluded within the general conclusion chapter.

The seven articles on the topic of dissertation were published; four – in peer-reviewed journals included in Thomson ISI (Web of Science), two – in reviewed international conference proceedings referred in Thomson ISI (ISI Proceedings) database, one – in other reviewed journal. Four presentations were given on the topic of dissertation at conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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