Evaluation of state subsidising effect on business

Šarūnas Bruzgė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines type of state regulation of business – state subsidizing effect on business and possibilities to increase the efficiency of business regulation. The main object of analysis is state subsidising to companies as a form or state intervention to market functioning.

The author‘s conducted research object analysis allowed the identification of subsidy parameters influencing the effect on business and propose new model for evaluation of business regulation measures. The main aim of dissertation – determine the effect of state subsidising effect on business.

The dissertation addresses following key challenges: determine subsidy parameters having biggest influence on subsidy effect, prepare recommendations for subsidy size and form, that will allow higher effect of subsidy, formulate recommendations and proposals for future research and valuations of business regulation measures.

Dissertation consists of an introduction, four chapters, research generalisation, a summary of the literature and the author of publications on the dissertation topic and six annexes.

Introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of research and describes the object of the formulated goal and objectives, describes research methodology, scientific novelty, the results of practical significance. Introductory chapter is concluded with the dissertation author publications and conferences, and the thesis structure.

The first chapter is devoted to analysis of the goals and tasks of state regulation of business, as well as issues in business regulation, experience of business regulation in Lithuania and other countries. In the second chapter detailed analysis of literature on state subsidies to business is provided. Researches and evaluations of other scientists on state aid, European Union financial support in Lithuania and abroad, principles of financial support are analysed.

In the third chapter different criteria defining state subsidies and their effect are selected and processed with the help of the selected multicriteria evaluation methods.  In the fourth chapter correlations between parameters of subsidies and their effect are analysed. Fields of activities, where support is the most effective are identified, specific  findings of the work and recommendations are formulated. These findings comprise various subsidy form and size parameters depending on different fields of subsidies. The recommended model of valuation of state regulation measures of business is presented.

The main findings were discussed in four scientific conferences. The main research results are presented in eight scientific publications.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2244-M

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